People, to spend valuable time.

Travel with Mr  General. He invited us to a
festival. Without planning as it comes.


Nice place, Gadyna wanted to be back. Nothing realy special to live in such a place.



Imagine this Idil. About 1-2 clock. Night, nice food, carry out night-light in the forest, the cat in the front door, looks at you. Want to go. You open the door and step out after him.

Dawn 5 hours. Gadyna can not sleep, much new information, new impressions.


…And Go Home. What’s next? So many opportunity, all is very exciting, build, trawell, meet people, the world is my wonder, nograd projekt…time is so short. not shance to wastin.

Love it.14725577_1020520918073589_4538982905000632447_n

Very good feeling to dream together, bring people close.



We got the news today, we have received a lot of money for development, for the NOGRAD PROJEKT!, the development of glass factory, … closer to the dream

via On my way: Wonder place — Ladygadyna


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