Summer was here

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On my way: Wonder place

People, to spend valuable time.

Travel with Mr  General. He invited us to a
festival. Without planning as it comes.


Nice place, Gadyna wanted to be back. Nothing realy special to live in such a place.



Imagine this Idil. About 1-2 clock. Night, nice food, carry out night-light in the forest, the cat in the front door, looks at you. Want to go. You open the door and step out after him.

Dawn 5 hours. Gadyna can not sleep, much new information, new impressions.


…And Go Home. What’s next? So many opportunity, all is very exciting, build, trawell, meet people, the world is my wonder, nograd projekt…time is so short. not shance to wastin.

Love it.14725577_1020520918073589_4538982905000632447_n

Very good feeling to dream together, bring people close.



We got the news today, we have received a lot of money for development, for the NOGRAD PROJEKT!, the development of glass factory, … closer to the dream

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Returning to the Moon has been the fevered dream of many scientists and astronauts. Ever since the Apollo Program culminated with the first astronauts setting foot on the Moon on July 20th, 1969, we have been looking for ways to go back to the Moon… and to stay there. In that time, multiple proposals have been drafted and considered. But in every case, these plans failed, despite the brave words and bold pledges made.

mariska szekritapovich,  klein ikona,

Merry christmass!

View from my atelier, through the large glass wall.


I have wonderful Christmas time with my family. It is greatly inspiration time to me.

I want you to imagine a battery as big as button, and works as litl nuclear reactor.

Think about it, how much are people working to have enough energy to keep our home warm, our vehicle, delivery device to move.

And immagin if we have nucklear reaktors much moor smoler as now, it is not a big risk. And imagine if we have nuclear reactors much small as now, it is no high-risk.
The future it will be as awesome, as you think we are using gas in our home.
I estimate in the next 10 20 years we will see the prototypes booth litle akumlators for homes, and nuklearreaktors separated optimize  for factorys.

So many things works automatically no need human power.

Mined lot of metal,  we recycle, we no need so much to mined. We have lot of plastic, we can recycling as much. In our future people don’t need to work in the old way we did it.

We have time to work with mi mind, to using the lots of possibility to live with it. we have time to learn to live to use our means to make  our life comfortable, cozy, healthy. Enough to work 10 hour pro weekly, the rest we can learn new things, spend with family, or todo something for our joy, and healt. It could be in the next years.

I wish merry christmas anb happy new year for myself, for my Family, and all my Frends, Funs and Followers around the World.

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